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Hope Marketing exists to help clients to better engage with their target audiences.  From customer and clients to shareholders, employees and wider communities, we love finding new ways to help our clients become better connected.

We operate as a collaborative hub and assignments are carried out by a mix of in-house talent and freelance expertise, supported by a growing group of associates.  This enables us to ensure we have the right mix of technical knowledge and sector expertise for any project.

There’s no real magic to what we do.  It just about combining a little knowledge and a lot of graft!

What makes us different is that we actively seek to blur the line between client and colleague.  We love it when our clients work with us to help deliver projects or bring value to others within our network. Working together is what makes us tick!

Every client is different and engagements vary considerably, including both project specific and retained assignments.  So if you want to discuss a challenge you are facing, then do please get in touch.

Our Team

Andy D


“You are what you repeatedly do!”


Jenny M


“Be yourself, everyone else is taken”


Rachael BA


“Making things happen across spaces, places and businesses”

Paulina O

Social Media

“Dance like no-one is watching”